We can provide equipment for small events for you to operate yourself, through to large multi-stage events with a full crew.

Contact us to see what we can offer for your event.

Dry Hire vs Wet Hire

Dry hire is when you hire the equipment only. This reduces the cost, however you must provide your own people to set up and pack away the equipment, as well as people with the know-how of how to operate it.

Wet hire includes the requisite number of technicians to set up, operate and pack away the equipment. For an additional cost, organisers don't need to worry about finding technicians with knowledge of the equipment.

Clare Sound offers the choice of dry or wet hire for the vast majority of our equipment. If you're unfamiliar with a piece of equipment, we're happy to demonstrate basic operation of equipment when you collect it from us.


1Behringer X32 32 channel digital mixer, with 2x S16 stagebox and 75m Cat 5e
1Soundcraft Sprit Live 24 channel analog mixer
1Yamaha MG16 16 channel analog mixer
1ART MX622 6 channel analog mixer
112 channel Seck analog mixer
PA Systems, Speakers & Monitor Wedges
1Nexo 4.8kW PA system
2x LS1200 subwoofers, 2x PS15 cabs and wheeled amp rack
1Bose 802 2.4kW PA system
2x custom subwoofers, 6x cabinets and amp rack
2db Technologies Cromo 12+ 600W active speaker
2Yamaha AX12M 300W passive speaker
Also suitable for use as a monitor wedge
4Yamaha SM10V 250W passive speaker
Also suitable for use as a monitor wedge
1Carlsbro Wanderer II portable speaker
Wheeled speaker with integrated battery
Wired Microphones & DI Boxes
8Shure Beta 58
7Shure Beta 57
7Shure SM57
5Audix i5
2AKG D112 kick drum mic
1Shure Beta52a kick drum mic
1Audix D6 kick drum mic
2sE Electronics SE5 condenser mic
2AKG C1000S Mk3 condenser mic
6Behringer XM1800S switch microphone
2Radial Pro D2 passive stereo (2 channel) DI box
2Radial Pro DI passive DI box
10Behringer Ultra-DI DI100 active DI box
3Behringer Ultra-G GI100 active DI box
1Stereo active DI box
Wireless Microphones
1Twin Trantec UHF wireless microphone rack
Rack with signal distributor, 2x receivers and 2x handheld microphones
1Trantec VHF wireless microphone
Supplied in carry case with receiver
DJ Equipment
1Pioneer DJM 600 DJ mixer
1Allen & Heath Xone 62 DJ mixer
2Pioneer CDJ1000 Mk3
4Technics SL1200 MkII turntable

Lighting & Effects

1Laptop with FreeStyler DMX control software
4American DJ QA5X flat Par RGBA
4Stairville LED Par 64 RGBA
2Stairville LED Par 64 RGB
6Par 16
1Strobe light with remote control
3Varytec UV lamp - 120cm
24 channel dimmer for Par 16 lights
1Jem Techno-Fog 820W fog machine

Don't see something?

We have many local partners and are able to supply many things not listed at competitive rates. This includes:

  • Additional large PA systems (e.g. ElectroVoice and Martin Audio)
  • Moving head lights
  • Staging
  • Power distribution
  • Drum kits and guitar amps